Background of Last Wish

People come and go in our lives and every now and then we all hear a story about someone who has passed away. We are left wondering when we last spent time with that person and thinking about their legacy and impact on our life.

Last Wish is way for everyone to have peace of mind that no matter what happens in life, their legacy and memories will be shared with family, friends and loved ones. 

We built last wish to be secure, easy to use and affordable to anyone who wants to ensure the people they love will never be left wondering or picking up the pieces. 


  1. Hi there. If you haven’t told your friends or family that you left messages here for them, how would they know to look for them? Any notifications of such content would require Last Wish to know that a member has passed away, correct?


    1. when you sign up for an account, we will send an email to all of your beneficiaries to inform them that you have listed them as your beneficiaries. When you pass away, it is up to one of your beneficiaries to inform us


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