Why life planning starts now?

In today’s busy and interconnected world, life planning is more important than ever.  Turn on the news or go to any online news site and we read about natural disasters occurring with more frequency every year.  Man-made tragedies dominate the headlines as well with terrorist attacks, school shootings, or plane malfunctions happening on nearly a daily basis.  Even young people, who feel that they have immortal youth on their side, are unfortunately neither immune to or can anticipate the arbitrary happenstance that can take a life away.

Life planning is an important issue and includes financial planning, legal structuring, and other complex considerations that people find necessary to protect their family and to preserve their legacy.  However, life planning often ignores the personal aspects of letting someone you love know how you feel about them or how you want things administered after death. In the digital age, life planning also includes letting loved ones know where to find things such as account passwords or documents.  It is one thing to pass away after a long and fruitful life and have adequate time to plan and anticipate the future. It is entirely another thing to die unexpectedly and leave family members in a state of shock and to add to their sorrow by never receiving a proper goodbye or final testament as they function under stressful circumstances to your find things to keep professional and personal matters in order.

Life planning also includes peace of mind, where you know that your family will be in good emotional standing beyond your passing and that you, yourself, are always at peace in life knowing that they will know how you felt about them.  Saying “I love you” or “I am sorry” even in death can have such a powerful, positive effect on your family and loved ones. Not being able to have the opportunity to deliver your final and heartfelt thoughts to your loved ones is a regret that does not clear the conscience or bring peace of mind.  You may have life insurance and you may have drawn up a will, but having peace of mind to have the ability to say goodbye to loved ones is equally important.

Last Wish is a company that makes it easy to deliver your thoughts as well as personal and professional messages after you have passed on.  For a low annual cost of $9.99, you can leave private and secure text, audio, or video messages for your loved ones that are only accessible after certain documentation is received by your designated beneficiaries. Last Wish is an easy, safe and necessary tool to life planning and peace of mind about a topic that we don’t always feel comfortable talking but we know is inevitable.  Learn more about Last Wish and subscribe to an account to gain peace of mind.

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